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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website seen in a search engine’s results. This type of SEO is usually called an “organic” process. In this context, organic means earned naturally, through a series of activities. At times, SEO agencies try to boost the organic process by using questionable methods that deliver results without earning them. You should exercise caution in this matter because behavioral guidelines exist to ensure fairness. If you, or the agency you hire, abuse the guidelines, you could suffer penalties that might hurt instead of help what you’re trying to accomplish. Good SEO agencies focus on achieving results and providing value within the guidelines.

 What do Professional SEO Agencies do?

 Optimizing your website means focusing the majority of the effort on four things:

• fact finding audit

• creating high quality and fresh content

• building high-quality links

• analyzing what happens, identifying what works and what doesn’t, and making the necessary changes

Obviously, this is the simple answer to the question of what do you do to optimize a website. Each one of the four areas mentioned requires lengthy and careful consideration of your company’s unique characteristics. Let’s look at each of these bullet points in more detail to understand why they are important.​

Fact Finding Audit

 To create a path to your goal, you must first understand the starting point. Any SEO begins with defining the starting point. Each business is unique, each website is unique, and no two industries are exactly alike. Any good SEO begins by gaining a clear understanding of your business. It is important to remember that, because no two businesses are the same and no formula exists that works perfectly every time. Success depends on solving problems and handling each unique challenge. Preparation is the key. Preparing well helps to avoid wasting time doing the wrong things. Focusing on the basic activities will present solutions to whatever hurdles arise.

High-Quality Fresh Content: It's Easy to Say Focus on Quality Content, But What Does That Mean?

? Reading Google’s guidelines and researching what some other experts say, you can create a fairly tight definition of what makes good content.
? Create content for your users, not to rise in the rankings.
?Be honest with your users.? No shortcuts aimed at improving rankings.
? Stay pure to what makes your website unique and different from others.? Offer value.

Building High-Quality Links

Very few SEO activities are one-offs. Almost all are ongoing as changes occur through the life of the website. If you skip the maintenance, you risk losing control. Link building in particular never ends, because new links prove your continued relevancy to search engines like Google. Relevancy keeps your company worthy of high rankings. Many activities are involved in link building including link monitoring, competitor research, and brand monitoring to name just a few.

Analyzing, Identifying, and Adjusting

Analyzing, Identifying, and Adjusting: Even with all the fact finding, analyzing, planning, and execution it is often difficult to predict with pinpoint accuracy how things will work. The variables make it hard for competent SEO firms to guarantee results out of the gate. What works for one client may not work for another. The best firms understand and explain this to their clients, and although they can’t predict or guarantee what will work, they do guarantee that they will continue until they deliver results.You want to hire an SEO firm whose values match yours—honesty, hard work, experience, and a willingness to stay the course. You have to remember that SEO is a marketing activity. Successful marketing campaigns take dedication and hard work, not shortcuts. At More Prospects Now, we are dedicated hard-working professionals that act with integrity. We are eager to partner and work with like-minded people and organizations. You want to optimize your website, and we can help. Contact us today.

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